Ul-Zaorith: The Role-Playing Game 

Get ready to explore a whole new world...

This high fantasy setting includes 14 unique playable races, and extensive magic system, leveling and Class flexibility and an original game system. Designed for long-term play and a focus on adventure and character development, the core book (currently in Beta Testing) provides all you need to know to get started. 

Reading the novels is not required to play but will greatly enrich your experience as either a player of Game Weaver.  

System: combined dice and pool system. Solely d8.

Want to be a Play-Tester?

You can find Ul-Zaorith at the following events:

- TsukinoCon

February 2015

 - GottaCon

March 2015

Please Note:

Demo Games are limited to 5 players each, and provide pre-made characters, dice and pencils. Be sure to sign up early to reserve your spot!