In this Scifi Card/Boardgame Hybrid, you control unique, genetically modified heroes called Gears to fight over the rights to the future's scant resources in the vast wastes of space. 

Players pit their randomly selected team of 3 Gears against their opponent in a Battle Royal to last one standing. Each Gear has its own tactics and skills which must be used strategically in order to win the match. 

Currently in Beta Testing

This 2 player game includes:

1 Game Box

1 Rule Book

2 Playmats

9 Gear Cards

9 Gear Figures + Stands

9 Turn Dice

6 Carat Pawns

6 Power Pawns

6 Obstacles

80 Assorted Counter Tokens

Be sure to watch for the forthcoming Challenger Packs to collect all 60 Gears and complete all the possible combos!

The forthcoming Tournament Expansion enables larger playgroups in either Versus or Round Robin play!

Want to Beta Test TwinGear?

Join us at one of the following events:

- TsukinoCon 2015 - February

- GottaCon 2015 - March

- IFCON 2015 - October

Only 2 players at a time, so sign up early! Games take approximately 45 minutes to play.