Kingdom at War 

Kingdom at War is set in a historical period of the planet of Terrene, focusing on the kingdom of Hai'leigh and the wars that ravaged the people and changed the political landscape of the world.

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Kingdom at War comprises the story of Bayne and Ailynn, and the war of King Lehram Elissan against the Ciar K'hen. These books are targeted at adults.

- Dotted Line

- Starfall

The Legend Series are the myths and histories of Hai'leigh that have eroded into little more than myth. They offer insight to the culture and politics of the Kingdom Books, but are more like fables, and are suitable fore children.

- Legend of the Sunlight Prince

- Legend of the Fire Dragons


The Ul-Zaorith setting is high fantasy on a distant world full of alien races, great heroes and meddling Gods. This series is intended for adults and is dark and gritty. 

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It comprises the following histories:

Stand Alone

- First Born


- The Prophet's Tale 

(Legend of the Quill, Battle of Heroes, Making of Legends) 

- The Last Hero

(Age of the Obelisk, The Godless War, Five Point Strong)


- The Circle Series

(Ralon the Blind, The Black Burvia, The Sword and the Sun, Exile, Feud of Brothers, Curse of Life, Searching for Horizons, Resurrection of the White Tiger, Taema of the Wilds)