The Aether Beacon Radio Play is a steampunk podcast set in the Kingdom of Hai'Leigh. The programme aims to travel around the nation, broadcasting on various cultural events, discoveries, breaking news and exploration. 

Hosted by Professor Skylar Raynes (voiced by Astra Crompton) and Master Locke Huxley (Adam Holroyd), it also features a number of prominant figures, including Father Victor Whitemane, the King's Speaker (Kenton J Moore), Stewardess Beckie (Ember May'an) and, naturally, King Lehram Elissan (Brian Dixon).

Episodes run approximately 20 minutes and air once a month, with various live events smattered throughout the storyline. You can listen to the radioplay online on our YouTube channel or Soundcloud. CDs will be released to collect recorded episodes, bonus material, outtakes and extras.

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Also see the Novels page for the corresponding Kingdom at War books that happen concurrently with the episodes.

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March 2015 (TBA)

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