Soulforge Media develops engaging world settings and produces them as creative media. Our products span all forms of storytelling, including games, novels, comics, and radio plays. Our goal is to offer multiple access points to explore, closing the gap between ages, genders and demographics.

Once you find a character or setting you enjoy, we invite you to continue exploring it through its different expressions. Get involved with other fans, share content and help shape it. Our aim is to give each world as much depth and flavour and adventure that they are not simply read - but experienced.


Fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, post-apocalyptic - each world grows through its expression. What might begin as a novel might be retold in an audiobook. A certain side character might crop up again in its own graphic novel. The history of the story you've read might be explored in a radio play. You too can get involved in the world by playing as a character in card game form, or create your own original character in the RPG expansion.

Our comprehensive and holistic development team aims to present media that grows with demand. We invite you to get involved with the storytelling through social media, live events, hosted tournaments, convention tours and through our website. We want to hear from you - suggestions, requests, questions. The direction these projects take, the expression of these worlds, is shaped by your enthusiasm.

At Soulforge Media, we believe everyone with passion has the power to create.

Aether Beacon

New Releases

The Aether Beacon Radio Play begins its voyage September 27th at the Victoria Event Centre, hosting the Opulent Bazaar Steampunk Extravaganza! 

After this one night only live performance, you can follow the Aether Beacon's adventures on our Soundcloud or Youtube channels on the 15th of every month!

The adventure has begun! Listen to Episode 1 here!

Are you onboard yet?


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